Which of NYC’s Boroughs is the Most Bed Bug Infested City?

Which of NYC's Boroughs is the Most Bed Bug Infested City?

NYC has five boroughs: Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, and the Bronx. The city does not have any official statistics on which of these boroughs is the most infested with bed bugs. However, many unofficial statistics show which one is most infested.

NYC bed bug information states that Brooklyn appears as the most infested borough. Statistically speaking, about 42% of New York City residents live in it. The other 57% reside in one or more of the four remaining boroughs. These are the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, or Queens.

Which Borough Has The Most Bed Bug Violations?

When NYC conducted a study on bed bug infestations, each borough was found to have bed bugs. However, the number of violations was higher in Brooklyn than in any other borough. There were about 3% more reported violations for this most populated city. This is compared to the least populated city of Staten Island.

In 2010, NYC surveyed these five boroughs and found that 46% of bed bugger respondents lived in Brooklyn. This percentage is higher than the data from NYC’s report. It shows only 42% of New Yorkers live there. In 2010, there were at least 21,000 violations that involved NYC citizens.

They woke up with bites all over their bodies and saw either bloodstains or cast skins, NYC bed bug information states. At least two-thirds of these violations took place in Brooklyn.


Brooklyn NYC bed bug information states that this borough is home to about 42% of the city’s population. However, the number of infestations appears higher than in any other borough. The NYC Department of Housing, Preservation, and Development (HPD) found at least 21,000 violations involving bloodstains or cast skins in 2010.

There were at least 2/3 of these violations when broken down by borough. These took place in Bedford-Stuyvesant and Crown Heights which are both located in Brooklyn. The NYC HPD reported that bed bug complaints were the highest in this borough.


Manhattan NYC bed bug information states that this borough has no official statistics on the number of infestations per neighborhood. It is large and diverse with wealthy areas like Mayfair as well as lower-income areas like Harlem. The NYC HPD reported the bed bug complaint numbers in 2010. These were broken down by neighborhood.

The same bed bug information reports that Manhattan is where most of the city’s population lies. This is over 1 million residents living in 40 square miles. The NYC HPD states that it is the most densely populated city in America.

Most bed bug complaints came from Manhattan with about 17% or 3,538 in 2010. There were over 300 bed bug violations reported in Harlem alone. This makes up nearly one-third of all the city bed bug complaints among neighborhoods south of 59th Street.


Most NYC bed bug inspections were conducted in the Bronx. The NYC HPD stated that there were not enough inspections completed. These determine which borough was the most infested per neighborhood in 2010. Therefore, they cannot state if NYC bed bug complaints were the highest in this borough.

However, NYC bed bug information reports that the Bronx is home to about 26% of the city’s population. It has no official statistics on bed bugs by neighborhood.

This is NYC’s smallest borough with no more than 20% of its citizens living here. The number of infestations here is very low. But NYC bed bug information states that this city takes up about 18% of all the city’s violations for bed bugs. These exist within the 10011 zip code which covers NYC’s Upper West Side.


Queens NYC bed bug information states that this borough is larger than both Staten Island and the Bronx. However, only about 18% of all New Yorkers live here. Even though many infestations take place, they are not as frequent as those reported in Brooklyn or the Bronx.

About 51% of NYC citizens with complaints are in Queens. These NYC bed bug reports range from body bites and seeing cast skins. NYC bed bug information states that complaints are the highest in Queens.

Staten Island

Staten Island is the borough with the least amount of violations involving bloodstains or cast skin in 2010. However, it had at least 21,000 violations involving bites all over participants’ bodies. It is the second smallest if Manhattan were excluded from NYC’s tally of five largest boroughs. NYC bed bugs are most likely to live in densely populated areas. This explains why Brooklyn has more violations than Staten Island.

In NYC, Staten Island is the least populated borough. Only 5% of all NYC residents live here. However, NYC bed bug information states that about 46% of the city’s infestations take place on this island. This is compared to only 42% who live here. In 2010, NYC surveyed New Yorkers and found that about 38% complain of body bites and/or seeing cast skins in this borough.

This NYC borough contains only a little over 500,000 people as compared to the other four NYC boroughs. Each contains well over 2 million people. As a result, NYC bed bug reports show that Staten Island has only about 10% of all infestations reported in the city. These side effects include discovering blood stains or seeing cast skins. NYC bed bugs are most common in this NYC borough.

The NYC HPD found only about 2/3 as many violations in Staten Island as compared to Brooklyn. This borough holds about 1% of the city’s population. There were less than 1,000 violations reported through HPD in 2010 involving bloodstains or cast skins.

How to Find Out if Your Building Has Bed Bugs

You can find NYC bed bugs in apartment complexes, hotels, nursing homes, or hospitals. NYC bed bug information states that NYC Council members often hear about infestations from other tenants who live in the same building. These residents usually do not know how to report them.

If you are concerned about NYC bed bugs, it is important to call your city council member’s office and notify them of the problem immediately. They will contact HPD for an inspection. The process typically takes up to two weeks which means that timely reporting is very important.

What to Do If You Find Bed Bugs

At First Response Bedbug Dogs, it is a goal to make NYC residents aware of bed bugs. NYC has five main boroughs that are not independent cities. They are part of the city limits which makes NYC the biggest city in the US with over 8 million citizens. The bed bug control is for the awareness of all New Yorkers.

The city can have some of the worst infestations in the country. NYC had outbreaks affecting hundreds of people at one time. This was within a particular apartment complex or building. Look for effective and permanent solutions in dealing with your bed bugs concerns.

What to Do for Bed Bugs on Your Mattress

To prevent infestation, look for any signs on your mattress. These include looking for blood stains or seeing cast skins inside your box spring or around wooden support beams like headboards or footboards. NYC’s HPD stated that they found over 2,000 violations involving these items in 2010 alone. A combination of both heat treatment and chemical application is the most effective NYC bed bug treatment.

NYC heat treatment options are safe to use around your family. Chemical applications should have completion through a professional only. It is not harmful to pets or house plants either.

Violations May Not Reflect Infestations

NYC bed bugs are more common than you think. The Department of HPD found nearly 1/4 as many violations throughout the city. These involved bed bug infestations in 2010 alone. However, this does not mean that the city does not have a vast number of bed bugs. Instead, it reflects the increased awareness among inspectors to inspect for them on each visit.

Why Are Bed Bug Violations Decreasing?

The NYC bed bug inspections are mandated through the city building code. Enforcement is also required for the NYC bed bugs exterminators. This is due to the housing conditions. Violations were nearly 1/3 as common in 2008. It means these bugs are easier to find during inspections. These numbers can change over time depending on how hard inspectors search for them.

There were only 1/20 as many violations reported via HPD in 2010 than there were in 2005. This can mean that inspectors found fewer violations than originally planned. It might also reflect the increased level of awareness from occupants and landlords alike.

What Can I Do If I Have a Bed Bug Problem in NYC?

The NYC bed bug inspection process can take up to two weeks after calling your city council member’s office. HPD has started inspections of bed bugs more often by visiting properties every month. Inspectors are using an index that is specifically designed for NYC bed bugs. This makes it easier for them to document infestations.

You can find NYC bed bugs nearly anywhere. They are more likely to live in areas where you live, work or play. NYC tenants must report any concerns they have about bed bug infestations immediately for the best results.

Bed bugs are common throughout NYC. By being aware of your surroundings, you can avoid these types of infestations. If you see what looks like bed bug stains on your mattress, it is very important to call NYC bed bug exterminators. Inspectors use certain criteria to identify them as bed bugs.