What Purpose Do Bed Bugs Have?

What Purpose Do Bed Bugs Have

People typically consider bed bugs as pests because they tend to feed on your blood. Usually, these bugs do not pose a serious health threat. However, there is concern about the recent resurgence of its infestations in developed countries like the United States and Canada.

As for purpose, note that these little critters have been around for some time now. Experts say for as long as humans have been building structures and even before farming began. That means their evolution has been quite a lot over time! They adapt themselves as necessary to make sure they can continue having offspring. This is after mating with another male or female.

The Lifespan of a Bed Bug

Bed bugs have a very fast life cycle! You would usually see them in their nymph stage. By the way, these are young ones so they are smaller in size compared to adults. They take approximately five weeks to develop from eggs to adulthood. Nymphs grow by getting their outer layer of skin shed. This is why you can see them changing into larger versions of themselves before your eyes!

You can expect one to two generations born every year. It depends on the warmth of your place. But this all depends on when they can feed enough before winter sets in. Likewise, a factor is when they are having too much fun feeding off your blood! Living with you reveals how serious their purpose is.

What Is The Ecological Purpose of Bed Bugs?

While it is true that bed bugs would usually hide in your bedding, you can also find them near the cracks and crevices of walls and floors. These are areas where you may not see them for their size. But know that these hiding spots make it difficult to control or destroy them.

However, there is a purpose behind their scavenging nature: They like warm and humid places because it makes the process of reproduction more efficient when mating with other bugs. This habitat is typical of your house which explains why they love staying with you!

Their diet consists mainly of blood from animals such as cattle and horses. But also from you. It depends on what is available when seeking a meal.

Are Bed Bugs a Part of The Food Chain?

People who have little knowledge about bed bugs may think that these are part of the food chain. Well, they are not! Consider them as parasites because their purpose is to feed on certain animals or humans for survival.

Having said that, you can say that they do play an important role in the environment. For instance, one crucial purpose of having them around is to help with pest control. The purpose is what makes them important to have around. Keep in mind that they also serve as a food source for other organisms such as birds, bats, and toads.

Even though you may not see them, bugs still play a vital role in the ecosystem. Preserve them for future generations.

Why Bed Bugs Bite People

It is interesting to note that not all people come into contact with bed bugs. They take notice and avoid places and individuals who may carry the eggs or any form of infestation.

As for purpose, remember that they only take blood as a source of nutrients. This means you will never find them crawling on food. However, when they need to get closer than usual, they might take advantage of your earlobes or other areas with an open wound such as your toes or elbows. Yes, their purpose leads them to bite even innocent persons like children and infants.

Your body releases certain scents naturally which can attract these little bugs! That said, it would help when you take extra care.

Where Bed Bugs Come From

Finding them in the wild is rare. But do realize that they typically live outdoors near nesting places of bats, birds, opossums, and even armadillos. These are the common areas where you can find bed bugs.

However, an infestation nearby means it is easy for them to seek cover indoors! It may seem like they just magically appear! But remember that purpose has made them move around looking for a place to stay safe. This is while living off their purpose of feeding on you.

Bed bugs are an infestation that you can find nearly anywhere! They are most commonly located within the backside of headboards. This is why hotels must take care not only about their guests’ hygiene but also theirs.

Does Bed Bug Exist to Make You Sick?

Enlighten yourself with two scenarios about sickness from bed bugs. Here they are:

Do Bed Bug Spread Diseases?

The purpose is to feed – not spread viruses or disease. It would help when you realize that this goal has made them invisible to the eye. Moreover, they may not become as effective as other bugs such as mosquitoes when it comes to transmitting germs and bacteria.

A bed bug’s purpose is to feed on your blood for survival. This makes it efficient in making sure they only feed on what matters most: blood and nothing else.

Remember that there is a risk when you come into contact with bed bugs. These little creatures might carry deadly diseases such as bubonic plague or typhus.

Can Bed Bugs Make You Ill?

Yes. You might get other illnesses aside from the usual itchy and red welts. They could also cause serious infections at the site where they bit you. These are little creatures that you should avoid when possible. Ideally, these purpose-driven bugs will always find their way out without your knowledge. They will never try to make themselves visible in any form or shape.

In some rare cases, they might show up as a rash. It would help when you consult a doctor so you know what to watch out for when not treated early. When this happens, the purpose may make them crawl out from their hiding spots.

Should Bed Bugs be Exterminated?

For this purpose, bugs are crucial in your surroundings. However, this does not mean you should leave them behind to feed on you without any interference. You can handle matters by looking for an exterminator or pest control company to get rid of the infestation.

These creatures go hand in hand with their purpose which makes you raise questions about their importance. With that said, it helps when you focus more on getting rid of any form of bed bug infestation. This is rather than wondering why they exist in the first place.

Bed Bugs – What They Are and How to Control Them

Familiarize yourself with the nature of bed bugs and how you can control them. Below is a guide:

What are Bed Bugs?

They are purpose-driven insects that live to feed on blood. This makes it easy for them to look for places where you cannot see them easily. They may find their way into your bed and other furniture around your home when this is the case.

Bed bugs never stay in one place. They travel a lot until they find a good place to live or lay eggs. These purpose-driven creatures prefer fabrics with thick seams such as linen, cotton, and silk. It would help when you make sure that these items are smooth before making use of them again.

How Do Bed Bugs Get into My Home?

Bed bugs easily get into your home when you show signs of infestation. This makes it easy for them to look for a purpose-driven place where they can stay and feed on anyone who comes across their way.

Exposure in hotels and public places encourages them to move out. They look for a place where they can feed and breed. That is until there is no more space remaining. It is wrong to wonder why they exist at all when this is their purpose from the very beginning.

You may find these purpose-driven creatures anywhere around your home. They make themselves invisible to your eyes by hiding inside small cracks and crevices. This makes it easy for them to travel from one place to another without getting noticed.

How Do I Control a Bed Bug Problem in My Home?

Control bed bugs by getting an exterminator or pest control company to get rid of any form of breeding. These purpose-driven creatures multiply quickly and this makes it easy for them to survive when not treated early!

It helps when you maintain a clean environment by vacuuming and dusting regularly around your home. This minimizes the number of cracks and crevices where these creatures can hide.

Should I also Try Pesticides?

At times, pesticides are not the best option when you want to get rid of bed bugs. This is because they can breed and come back in huge numbers! It helps when you look for a pest control company that offers an organic solution to your problem.

It helps when you talk to experts about the pesticide that works best! You should also define areas where breeding has taken place. Likewise, look for signs that these creatures have been around in large numbers before starting any form of the extermination process.

The blood of humans and animals is sustenance for bed bugs. You can see them feeding on both types. With this reality comes prevention in having an infestation from them.