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Pests can be a nightmare to deal with, so when you hire someone who specializes in pest control services for your home and commercial office, it is imperative that they get the job done! At First Response Bedbug Dogs we offer fast and effective pest control services in New Jersey to keep us safe from pesky pests.

Pest Control Services We Offer

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are the worst! That’s why we’ve developed a bed bug removal system that will make your home free of these pests for good. In over a decade in business, our team has continually updated and improved their methods so you can feel confident about choosing us when it comes time to eradicate those pesky critters from inside or outside your house – no matter how small an area (and if there are any potential problem areas). Our expert technicians:

  • We take pride in the quality of our work and are always ready for any situation that may arise. Our team will leave no corner untouched with a HEPA vacuum system, as well as adulticides on all hiding places throughout your home or business – not just those found within bedding items like mattresses, box springs, and carpets which can be detrimental to human health over time if left untreated!
  • The steam vapor system: Our alternative option uses 240-degree steams that penetrates your mattress and other affected areas, leaving no bed bug safe. Despite how well burrowed they may be!
  • Pesticide applications: If you want your home to be “bed bug free,” then it’s time for a pesticide application. These treatments will get rid of any pesky bugs that might still be lingering around and giving their all-time favorite victims – humans! Mattress encapsulation is also available as an additional charge which ensures both our customers’ sleep area stays pest free without needing regular maintenance services like spraying monthly or quarterly just because pests show up every now again in unpredictable outbreaks

Cryonite Freezing

The Cryonite system typically consists of a 10kg gas canister on an elegant trolley. The wand-like applicator connects to the tank with its hose and shoots out snow under high pressure for up close family members who want that extra touch!

The service technician will spray key areas throughout your location, concentrating on those indicated by the dog. One huge advantage of Cryonite is that its flexible chemical composition allows it to easily flood all nooks and crannies where bed bugs like to hide–deep within furniture or even walls!

Another major benefit is that it’s safe to spray on everywhere! You can even use a protein Terminator in your car’s engine. No matter where you need an extra layer of protection, this product will be there for ya with up-to 6 months worth of durability before needing another application or changing settings (depending).

Another big reason why people love using our products as their last line defense against all sorts o things from mosquitoes and ticks when going outside into nature areas – such as camping sites.

The Cryonite freezing process delivers instant results. There are no blood stains or other evidence of dead bed bugs, and the spray leaves behind no residue to leave on your furniture for days after as well! Plus it’s green because there will be zero energy use during this treatment which helps protect our environment

High Heat Steam Treatments

We use commercial steam cleaners with adjustable volume controls to allow for precise application. These machines are much more powerful than a standard home carpet cleaner or machine, which don’t generate lethal levels of heat. However, our specialized ones create hot steams as high as 420° so that it will kill bed bugs on contact!

Our professional technicians have been trained in the proper way to operate these types of equipment and employ them safely without generating any form of hazardous materials such as carbon monoxide gas while still being able to accomplish disinfecting tasks just like you would expect from your typical Hoover wet/dry vacuum.”

Working with fabrics is what we do best! We’ll be treating carpets, furniture and more. With an experienced team of technicians who know how to apply the steams safely so it won’t damage your belongings, you can rest easy knowing that our services are always top notch
A-grade workmanship goes into every surface we treat – even those tough ones like curtains or bedspreads for example .

Tenafly Bed Bug Dog Inspection Services

Bed bugs aren’t just a pest – they’re a serious problem that often leads to infestation, health problems, and destruction of your home. 

In the past, finding bed bugs took time, as most people did not notice an infestation until they observed bites around their face and neck or the bugs moving. 

If you’re in Bergen County, NJ, you’re in luck. First Response BedBug Dog provides pest control services in Tenafly, NJ – and surrounding areas.

Our Preparation Steps for Bed Bug Dog Inspection

Preparing to inspect your home is one of the most crucial aspects of our services. To provide the highest quality inspection possible, we take several steps to ensure nothing goes unnoticed. 

A few of the places we train our dogs to inspect are: 

  • Electrical outlets
  • Seams of mattresses, box springs, and furniture
  • Bed frames, lamps, dressers, nightstands

We also ensure that any food smells, fans, or distractions are removed from the area so our dogs can provide an accurate inspection. 

Locally Trained Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs

Our dogs are the most crucial aspect of our services. Without dogs, the accuracy of our inspections would decrease to about 25%. 

Bed bug inspection dogs have an accuracy rate of 98%. However, our dogs are unique due to their National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association accreditation.

The dogs we use are also all rescue dogs from local shelters. We utilize the same training methods used with bomb-sniffing dogs or narcotics dogs in law enforcement. 

Another benefit of using a dog is that it saves you time and money. A human inspection can last a few hours and requires someone to go through your private possessions. Using a dog eliminates this, as they can sniff out a bed bug from much further away. 

Our dogs can also alert us if you don’t have bed bugs in your home but have another pest. Either way, it’s a much safer option than unnecessary bug-bombing.

Canine inspections aren’t only available in residential homes or apartments – you can also have a K9 inspection service completed in hotels, motels, and other businesses.

Interesting Facts Concerning Canine Bed Bug Detection

Using a dog to inspect your home for bed bugs might seem a bit strange, but it’s gaining traction as more people decide to minimize pesticide use. 

Some cool facts about canine bed bug detection are: 

  • Dogs noses are 1,000 times more sensitive than a human nose
  • Bed bugs release a pheromone that dogs smell – more reliable than human eyes
  • Canine bed bug inspectors can detect old infestations and current ones

Although the service is relatively new, the method is tried and true for early bed bug detection. The earlier our dogs sniff out the bed bugs in your home, the faster an infestation is avoided.

Benefits of Working with Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs

Besides the clear benefit of hanging out with a dog, K9 bed bug inspections have several positives. 

The main benefit of this method is that it is safe for your family or other pets. With our dogs, you don’t have to worry about bagging everything you own up, spraying harmful chemicals, or having to vacate your home. 

We also provide after-inspection services, like prevention plans in Bergen County. Additionally, we can give you several options for extermination, if necessary. However, we are not exterminators. Our dogs detect bed bugs but do not kill them. 

Offering the following pest control services in Tenafly, NJ in the following zip code: 07670.


Yes, a dog can check for bed bugs. Since our dogs are NESDCA certified, they’ve had several years of training to detect bed bugs and bed bug infestations. 

Their noses are ideal for investigation – it’s natural for them to seek out curious scents. Most of them enjoy inspections because it allows the dog to use their ingrained hunting instinct.

There are a few things you can do before an inspection to ensure accuracy. Some of these include: 

  • Empty trash cans
  • Avoiding cooking before the inspection
  • Stop use of or extinguish candles, air fresheners, and room sprays
  • Remove other pets and litter boxes from the area
  • Put away any pet food or water you have laying out

Most of these steps are to help the dog focus and deliver the best service possible. It benefits you just as much as it benefits us!

Since each home or business has a different level of need, there isn’t a set price for a bed bug dog inspection. 

Using a bed bug dog instead of a human exterminator is typically cheaper. A dog inspection is around $350 for a small area or minimal infestation, while an exterminator starts at about $650.

We offer a free estimate for our services, though, so you’ll have the option to budget beforehand. No surprises!

We use hunting dogs. These include beagles, labs, and border collies. Since these dogs are born with an instinct to hunt, they’re usually more focused than breeds not bred for hunting. 

Other aspects of a hunting dog that we take into account are personality and age. If a dog is stand-offish, aggressive, or lazy, it won’t make an effective bed bug inspection dog. A decent dog for bed bug inspections needs to be friendly, persistent, and analytical. 

Dogs learn best between 10 months and three years of age, so finding a dog on the younger side is the best choice. Teaching an old dog new tricks is a challenge.

If you think you might need a bed bug dog inspection, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-855-235-5364.