There are tremendous benefits to employing bed bug sniffing dogs. The dogs are able to pinpoint locations where bed bugs and their eggs may be hiding. Their ability to find these pests in minutes eliminates the need for invasive inspections and saves time and money. In addition, we are able to zero in on areas where treatment will deliver the best results. What sets our dogs apart from other bed bug dogs is that they are all accredited by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association. NESDCA is an independent organization that was created by pest control professionals to ensure the highest standards of scent detection canines available. NESDCA training facilities are required to have ten plus years of training, handling, and evaluating experience.

  • All of our dogs are rescue dogs.
  • NESDCA trained dogs are up to 98 percent accurate in their detection of bed bugs and their eggs.
  • Dogs are trained using the same methods used by police organizations to train narcotic and bomb sniffing dogs.