How to Hire a Bed Bug Exterminator for my Long Island Home?

How to Hire a Bed Bug Exterminator for my Long Island Home?

Growing up in a time when bed bugs were thought of as almost eradicated from the United States, how can you hire an exterminator for your Long Island home?

Know that you have them. Look out for these signs. Dark spots or smears of blood on sheets and pillowcases. You can inhale a sweet and musty odor. There are excretions from their skin, which will look like small black dots on sheeting and mattresses. You can see small red to reddish-brown fecal spots.

What Should You Look For When Hiring An Exterminator For Bed Bugs In Long Island

Satisfy your interest in knowing five factors that you can consider in finding a Long Island bed bug exterminator. Here they are:


More years in the field means better training and knowledge of how to kill bed bugs. Know that not all Long Island bed bug extermination businesses handle all types of pests. Some cater only to specific kinds of insects or rodents. So when you have pest issues other than just bed bugs, it is wiser to hire a professional service who can also treat other problems.

Specialize in Bed Bug Treatment

Extermination companies with certified bed bug control specialists are highly preferable. This is because of their knowledge of how to kill bed bugs. They are experts in:

  • how to inspect for them
  • how they live
  • how they move about
  • how they reproduce
  • how to prevent the infestation from spreading further
  • how to contain it

A Long Island bed bug exterminator should offer you a wide range of services that will help in keeping them under control. These include preventing the bugs from harming you and your family. Likewise, they can offer other cleaning or prevention options such as fumigation treatments.

Are There Specific Licenses For Bed Bug Removal In Long Island?

It is pertinent that you hire a Long Island bed bug exterminator with a license from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). This license proves that an extermination company is working inside legal boundaries.

The company follows proper procedures on how to exterminate pests without posing harm or danger to you, pets, or surrounding areas. Contact your local DEC office for more information on how to check the license of an extermination service.

What Questions Should You Ask A Bed Bug Exterminator On Long Island Before Hiring?

Familiarize yourself with explanations to four inquiries about Long Island bed bug exterminators. Here they are:

Are You Licensed In Long Island?

When you call a bed bug exterminator, ask how many years they have been in the field. The more years of experience they have, the better it is for you and your home. Ensure that they follow proper guidelines and work within legal limits that your local DEC office set.

Make sure that all extermination measures are safe for your health and nearby areas such as schools and hospitals.

What Is Your Standard Rate?

Get an idea of how much it will cost you for a Long Island bed bug exterminator to eliminate them from your home. Hiring their services can become costly. You need to know the estimated project cost before hiring one. Ask for references and testimonials to determine whether they offer quality service at fair prices that match your budget.

How Soon Can You Apply Pesticides?

Long Island bed bug exterminators should apply pesticides promptly! You need their services as soon as possible to immediately get rid of the bugs. They should have a quick response time! You can quickly re-enter your home without risking any health issues from prolonged exposure on site.

The process of how soon they can apply pesticides depends on the severity and location in your home. They may need to treat it gradually or use a “bed bug bomb” in the presence of an infestation that only comes out at night time.

Do You Offer A Guarantee Or Warranty?

Know the duration of exterminating your bed bugs. Clarify the number of treatments that they will perform on the bugs to eliminate them from your home. Inquire about the number of treatments they dedicate to exterminating them. Extermination services should offer you a warranty or guarantee on their work. This way, you know how long the process will take.

It is usually just one year for a warranty. Make sure you know the length of time that it covers before purchasing a product from them. Without coverage for any bed bug treatments after 12 months, look for better options.

Red Flags To Watch Out For Before Hiring A Bed Bug Exterminator In Long Island?

Gain insights on three red flags that you may experience from Long Island bed bug exterminators. Here are the explanations:

They Offer An Immediate Quote Or Service Over The Phone

Never work with any bed bug exterminator that offers an immediate quote. Inquire how they can determine your estimated cost on the spot. Furthermore, they should not offer service over the phone without inspecting your home first. It is how they charge for their services, though.

They do not find the time to assess the volume of bugs or where they are staying. You can always go for a different one when you feel discomfort around them.

They Ask For Extensive Preparation

All extermination services should ask how they can prepare your home on how to exterminate bed bugs. They should always ask what you do before arriving on your property. You have to limit their exposure by removing or covering items that can have an infestation.

Furthermore, they may need to remove all personal belongings from a specific area as needed. Ensure that they do not take too much time on preparation and focus on how to kill bed bugs.

They Have A Standard Number Of Treatments

Show mindfulness as to the number of treatments that they offer for your Long Island bed bug extermination. You need to know how much time they require before they can eliminate the infestation in your home. Make sure that you compare how they treat it with other services. This is in terms of how many times they visit, the duration, and how effective the process is overall.

Thoughts On Hiring Bed Bug Exterminators In Long Island

You must hire a bed bug exterminator who adheres to best practices when treating them in Long Island. Make sure that all staff involved are also well-trained professionals. They should follow OSHA guidelines when applying pesticides inside your home. Remember First Response Bed Bugs offers bed bug extermination in Long Island.