How to Hire a Bed Bug Exterminator for my Connecticut Home?

How to Hire a Bed Bug Exterminator for my New Jersey Home?

A bed bug is a flat wingless blood-sucking insect that belongs to the family of Cimicidae. It feeds on human and animal blood. You can find these pests in places like bedrooms, furniture, airplanes, hotels, and so on. These are the types of main places where they reside. You can spot them quickly!

Their small oval eggs are whitish which look like sticky grains of sand. Adult bed bugs grow around 4-5 mm long or 1/5 inch with an almost round flat body. These insects can easily adapt themselves when their environment changes.

What Should You Look For When Hiring An Exterminator For Bed Bugs In Connecticut

Below are five factors that you can consider in searching for a bed bug exterminator in Connecticut. First Response Bed Bugs provides bed bug control services in this state.


It is very important to hire professional exterminators with the required experience. They must know how to tackle this kind of problem and how much time it needs. Hiring professionals with less experience will end up costing you more.

Make sure that the company has experience dealing with a bed bug infestation. They cannot help you permanently remove them without it. Even when they call many times, this will not solve your problem. This is due in part because of how complex these pests can get especially when there are many.

Specialize in Bed Bug Treatment

The pest control company should specialize in the treatment of bed bugs. Make sure that they have appropriate experience to handle these kinds of pests. Also, they must have all the necessary resources for your treatment requirements.

Know that bed bugs are hard to eliminate. They may need you to stay out of your home for a few days. This is why it is important to hire the best bed bug eliminator you can find in Connecticut.

Offers a General Quote Over the Phone

Before you hire a bed bug pest control company, ask for a general quote over the phone. They have to provide a specific cost estimate first before inspecting your home. It gives you an idea of how much it will cost.

Ask about the factors for the price of the service. These can include the number of rooms or space size of your home. Also, ask how long it will take to eliminate all the bed bugs inside your house.

Offer a Comprehensive Plan for Service

When you hire a pest control company for bed bugs, they must offer a comprehensive service plan. They have to assess how much work there is to do before servicing all your needs. All the problems must have complete fixing, not just simply cover them up.

A bed bug exterminator offering only one-time services will always ask you to call them back when the bed bugs return. A complete service will have a lasting impact on how you eliminate this pest from your home permanently.

Are There Specific Licenses For Bed Bug Removal In Connecticut?

Licensed professionals have to pass a written test. Otherwise, they cannot get certain licenses for this type of work. You can check how a bed bug exterminator does business in Connecticut before you hire them. Know how long it has been around and how many repeat clients they gained.

What Questions Should You Ask A Bed Bug Exterminator In Connecticut Before Hiring?

Familiarize yourself with four inquiries that bed bug exterminators in Connecticut receive. Below are the explanations:

Are You Licensed In Connecticut?

They need a license in Connecticut before they can handle any duty for you. All employees must hold their licenses when they do pest control services. Ask how long it will take for their agency to send you a license. This is your way of knowing how long they have been in service.

What Is Your Standard Rate?

Every pest control company has its standard rates. Know how much it costs for providing their services. Remember that prices will change depending on how complex your needs are to handle. This is why you have to ask about the average rate first before anything else.

How Soon Can You Apply Pesticides?

Find out how soon they can apply pesticides or how long it will take before you get their services. This lets you know how quickly your problem gets fixed up! Ask about how much time they need before the chemicals are effective inside your home.

Do You Offer A Guarantee Or Warranty?

Some pest control companies will provide you with a guarantee or warranty for how effective their service is. You can ask how long this guarantee lasts and how many times they offer it to returning clients.

Yes, they should offer how long their warranty will last. It is usually just one year. But with this, you know that the company is confident enough about its service for your home and has a plan in place.

Red Flags To Watch Out For Before Hiring A Bed Bug Exterminator In Connecticut?

Gain insights about three red flags that you can encounter from Connecticut bed bug exterminators.

They Offer An Immediate Quote Or Service Over The Phone

Watch out how pest control company conducts their inquiries over the telephone! Offering you an immediate quote or service right away lets you doubt their confidence in giving a first impression. Their first conversation can show truthfulness with their customers.

They Ask For Extensive Preparation

Any company that exterminates bed bugs that asks you about how much preparation you did for the service has its own set of problems. They might already know how difficult your problem is and how long it will take to fix it. Their request means they are looking for a way out from this work and not fulfilling their end of the service agreement.

They Have A Standard Number Of Treatments

A bed bug exterminator will always provide the number of services you need to exterminate bed bugs. But they should not stick to the number of bed bug treatments they can give unless there is a problem. They have no right to force how many times you have to re-hire them for this kind of work. This lets you know how much effort their company invests in how they manage your home.

Thoughts On Hiring Bed Bug Exterminators In Connecticut

First Response Bed Bugs offers bed bug extermination in Connecticut. They will not charge you anything until getting your home rid of bed bugs. Likewise, get ready for a 90-day warranty on all services.

Know the pest control company’s duration in Connecticut for exterminating bed bugs. It can show how reliable they are. Talk to them as soon as these bugs appear!