How to Hire an Exterminator for Bed Bugs for my New Jersey Home?

How to Hire an Exterminator for Bed Bugs for my New Jersey Home?

It is common to want an exterminator for your New Jersey home. Bed bugs are a major problem in the state. But how do you know how to hire one? There are many factors that you can follow when looking for a professional service. Below are three major things to consider and their explanations:

What Should You Look For When Hiring An Exterminator For Bed Bugs In New Jersey

First Response Bed Bugs provides bed bug control services in New Jersey. Gain insights on five factors that you should consider before getting a professional bed bug exterminator in this state:


A professional service should have plenty of practical experience. They should have dealt with the issue before at least once or twice. Their qualified technicians and exterminators can solve your problem with confidence! 

Make sure that the company offers specific expertise in bed bug removal. They cannot help you permanently get rid of them without it. This is no matter how many times you call for their service.

Specialize in Bed Bug Treatment

A New Jersey bed bug exterminator should carry out their work with the primary goal of preventing the bugs from harming you and your family. This means that they can offer a wide range of services that will help in keeping them under control.

Healthy living starts with cheerful homes! Get effective bed bug prevention for all homes no matter the size. Imagine how safe and how calm you will feel when there is no need for you to worry about having these bugs creeping around your home. That is how you should feel!

Offers a General Quote Over The Phone

When you call the service, know how much they charge for their bed bug treatment. In case they cannot give you a general price over the phone, it can lower your trust in them to do the service well. You should not feel shy about asking how much they will charge. Remember that this is what you need to put your inquiries out there.

Ask specifically about the cost for each room in your home. Sometimes, one room can have a worth of $200 while another may only need $100. It all depends on the scope.

Offer a Comprehensive Plan for Service

The service should have a detailed plan on how they are going to remove your bed bugs. They should know how to eradicate them from all areas in your home. This includes where they lay their eggs and the frequency you will call them for the next treatment.  

They know how to get rid of them for good! Their plan can help you save a lot of money eventually. You will have the estimated cost and how often you need to call them for treatment. It will become a lengthy process, but this is how they keep your home free from bed bugs forever!

Are There Specific Licenses For Bed Bug Removal In New Jersey?

Every extermination business should have a license to operate in the state of New Jersey to offer services like these. You can easily check whether they have the license simply by calling the health department in your community. Ask about the licenses they hold. A license means they have highly skilled and experienced personnel to treat any infestation case. Some states require licensing, but New Jersey does not as of now.

What Questions Should You Ask A Bed Bug Exterminator In New Jersey Before Hiring?

Satisfy your curiosity in the search for explanations to four inquiries about New Jersey bed bug exterminators. Enlighten yourself below:

Are You Licensed In New Jersey?

It is important to get a pest control service that can offer all you need. This includes how they will treat your bed bugs and how they will fix the problem permanently. One of their licenses is as a Pest Control Operator in New Jersey. Ask how long they have been offering this service in your community. This way, you can know how effective they are at their duty.

What Is Your Standard Rate?

Simply move on and find another service when you disapprove of their standard rate. It is as simple as that. You should ask how much their standard rate is before anything else. The treatment plan is already in place so the person taking your call can answer this inquiry easily and clearly!

How Soon Can You Apply Pesticides?

The process of how soon they can apply pesticides depends on how well you want to solve your bed bug problem. They may need to treat the whole home gradually over time for a critical one. Remember these bugs only come out when it gets dark!

Do You Offer A Guarantee Or Warranty?

Yes, they should offer how long their warranty will last. It is usually just one year. With this, you know that they are confident enough about how effective their service is for your home. You have the chance to get a free replacement when there are bed bugs still living after one year.

Red Flags To Watch Out For Before Hiring A Bed Bug Exterminator In New Jersey?

Remember these three red flags that you may experience from a New Jersey bed bug exterminator:

They Offer An Immediate Quote Or Service Over The Phone

Some businesses love to offer how much they will charge right away! They do not even bother assessing how many bugs or where they are living. Go for a different one when you are awkward with them.

They Ask For Extensive Preparation

Prepare how long it will take for your home to have peace. They should come once every week or so until the infestation is gone. You cannot leave your house for the number of days they are treating it! Make sure to ask how long you will need to prepare yourself before their service.

They Have A Standard Number Of Treatments

It is understandable how some people can think how to hire an exterminator for bed bugs for your New Jersey home only requires one or two treatments. You should experience many treatments.

Thoughts On Hiring Bed Bug Exterminators In New Jersey

Consider First Response Bed Bug Dogs that offers bed bug extermination in New Jersey! You have a chance to fight these bugs finally! It can become a troublesome process, but the result is satisfying. For sure, you can solve your bed bugs in a few months or so.

Keep in mind all of this advice on how you can hire a New Jersey bed bug exterminator. The new knowledge you gained about them is a major factor in getting the most appropriate service.