High Heat Treatment

What is Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs?

Heat treatment is a process used to kill bed bugs. It involves high heat exposure specifically designed to reduce the chances of spreading them. Killing them on contact and/or sterilizing their eggs for safe disposal is the outcome.

Bed bugs are hard to get rid of. They can hide in the tiniest gaps, coming out at night only. This is when you are asleep and developing an extremely strong resistance against chemical insecticides. That is why heat treatment is necessary for eradicating these pests.

They have no way of building up resistance as insects do with other methods such as pesticides or incense sticks. It will kill them throughout all stages including eggs. Eradicating bed bugs using this method is also eco-friendly.

How Bed Bug Treatment Works

It works by heating the surrounding areas to high temperatures. Places, where high amounts of people exist, are where it becomes very effective. Heat treatment also sterilizes any other existing insects. You will not worry about other insects’ nesting and reproducing once eliminated.

The key is high heat exposure combined with high humidity wherein most adults die within minutes and their eggs within six hours. Bed bug treatment in the tri-state area does not involve chemicals or heavy machinery. But there are high-powered heating elements designed specifically for this process.

A professional will use these devices strategically placed throughout the house and closed-off rooms. This ensures that all bed bugs succumb to high heat exposure without any escape path possible.

How Long Does Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs Take?

This depends on the size of your house or area for treatment. A high-rise building with many floors will take more time than a small apartment for high heat treatment to work effectively. It can take up to 36 hours in some cases since materials absorb high temperatures only after long exposure.

But it is not possible to leave them exposed for too long. High humidity levels are also required for optimum bed bug eradication.

Will Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs Damage Your Home And Belongings?

No. Heat treatment for bed bugs is not damaging at all. Professionals know just the right amount of high heat exposure to give your house or apartment. Kill them all without causing any damage to homes and belongings inside.

Heat treatments are safe, fast, and effective in killing high populations of bed bugs along with their eggs. It also ensures that other insects will not come back after eliminating existing ones effectively.

Reasons to Use Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

Considering high heat treatment for your bed bugs at home or business comes up from a few scenarios:

Follow-Ups Not Required

High heat treatment does not require you to follow up. You can stop worrying about bed bugs coming back after successful eradication and disposal of their eggs. The high temperature will kill any existing bed bugs. Observe these even if they come back for a couple of days. You can still find them in chemical insecticide treatments which require follow-up visits after extermination.

Bed Bugs are Not Resistant to Heat

Bed bugs have no way of building up a resistance against high heat exposure. They must depend on very hot exposure and one another for their survival. It is a natural process that ensures their reproduction and protection from other threats.

Non-Invasive Process

High heat treatment only requires the right high-temperature exposure along with high humidity levels. You do not need to use chemicals or heavy machinery to get rid of bed bugs effectively.

Eco-Friendly Procedure

This high heat treatment does not leave behind any toxic residues which can result in environmental pollution. High temperatures kill insects fast while leaving everything else around them intact without causing any harm whatsoever. But there are some precautions despite high heat treatment as eco-friendly. It does not leave any toxic residues behind.

Heat Penetrates The Entire Room

The high heat will penetrate all surfaces and high population areas in your home. It kills bed bugs in the deepest crevices. All you need is a high temperature exposure for a long period to make this happen.

Check the high temperatures that your high heat machine manufacturer needs. This is to achieve optimum eradication rates of bed bug populations and eggs. At the same time, there is no damage or harm to other insects, plants, and humans in the process.

Can Bed Bugs Survive After Heat Treatment?

No. Bed bugs die off with high heat treatment as long as high temperature exposure is sustained for a specific period. This is the reason why professionals need to leave high heat machines inside rooms for a couple of hours or up to 36 hours. It might take that long with high-rise buildings. High temperature penetration takes time, depending on material resistance from one building to another.

At this point, you cannot kill them with chemicals. They have built a tolerance so high that nothing will kill them. There is adapting and resistance to all known pesticides and insecticides. A new approach has been developed – temperatures above 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 49 degrees Celsius are lethal to bed bugs.

Typically, high heat treatment can kill high populations of bed bugs and their eggs inside infested areas. In so doing, you will not need to worry about their returning or multiplying.

Is It More Effective than Other Methods?

Yes, high heat treatment appears more effective than other methods. Heat is often applied to the environment first before applying chemicals. This process helps increase the efficacy of chemicals used afterward.

High heat treatment with high humidity levels works well for professionals who can extract bed bugs from one location to another without causing any harm whatsoever. This is why high-rise buildings are tough to manage since this involves multiple infested areas that need high temperature exposure. At the same time, there is no damage or harm to surrounding items and people within the building.

How Much Does Bed Bug Heat Treatment Cost?

The high heat cost depends on several factors. For instance, high-rise buildings require high humidity levels of 85% to 95%. It costs an average of $300. The price is not fixed and may vary depending on how many rooms are involved in the extermination process.

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