How Do I Know If I Have Bed Bugs? 7 Early Signs to Look Out

How Do I Know If I Have Bed Bugs 7 Early Signs to Look Out

Infestations of bed bugs are on the rise! As common as this may seem, early signs to look out for can help you avoid an infestation. The growth of populations in North America, Europe, and Australia increased the need to recognize early signs to look out for. 

Where Bed Bugs Hide

Bed bugs will hide in and around your bed. You can also find them behind loose wallpaper and inside cracks and crevices of walls, floors, and moldings.

These bugs are tiny and flat creatures with the ability to squeeze themselves into any crack or crevice that is larger than 2 millimeters. They tend to hide in seams on mattresses as well as furniture joints where they can hide from you until it is too late!

The bed bug is not only a pest to you. They also feed on the blood of both animals and birds. You must take care in identifying where they could hide out while looking for these pests!

Here, you will go over some common harborages areas including your pillow or mattress seams; headboards, or footboards behind furniture which includes couches along with curtains around windows. All are very suspect spots since this insect likes tight spaces. There are high chances of population growth!

When Bed Bugs Bite

You will know that a bed bug bit you as you begin to itch! This is a common early sign to look out for. Notice that your skin becomes red and swollen.

Bed bug bites do not always result in blood meals. They can go weeks without consuming any victims! This is problematic because those female bugs lay eggs every three to four days. There is no way to know when these annoying creatures infected you. That is unless another person sees your reactions or experiences an infestation themselves.

These annoying critters can sneak up on you in the most surprising of places, and their bites are painless. But they leave behind little brownish-red dots that may indicate where to find them.

7 Signs of Infestation

These early signs to look out for may help you realize at the start when you require professional assistance. Did you know that early detection is key? You cannot rely on your eyesight or ability to find early signs of the infestation. They are so tiny and can fit into the smallest holes and cracks around your home!

You can, however, use early signs to look out for as an indication of the presence of these bugs. Here is a list:

  • These nasty little critters are so sneaky. You may not even know there is exposure to them. That is until there is a trail of red marks or brownish-red dots on your sheets!
  • The first sign of bed bugs is in the form of mysterious insect bites.
  • When the bed bug’s abdomen becomes bloated with blood, it looks like a tiny football.
  • Bed bug fecal marks are smaller and darker than bed bugs.
  • Females lay one to seven eggs per day while pregnant.
  • Abandoned shell casings are one of the earliest signs that bed bugs are infesting an area.
  • The infestation of bed bugs can turn severe before you realize there is an issue.

How do you know if you caught a bed bug infestation early?

First, you will notice early signs to look out for. Second, primary detection is key! Once you notice initial signs of infestation, then it is time to consider professional assistance with an Exterminator.   

Are preliminary signs to look out for enough? No! You must know about early signs of bed bugs to escape the infestation. When you see any signs, take care of them immediately or work with a professional. There can exist a bigger problem on your hands when you miss early indicators! 

When you first notice bed bug bites, they are on the lower part of the legs and arms. They may also appear near joints or any other area without clothing such as the back torso and this includes welts.

Bed Bug Treatments

In overlooking early signs of bed bugs, the infestation can become severe very fast! You may not even realize that you have early symptoms. Do early signs to look out for happen in waves? Yes! This is when multiple people in your home get bites at once.

The best bed bug treatment for early signs to look out for is by prevention method. When you keep areas clean and tidy, it will become difficult for the bed bug to establish itself.

Bed Bug Extermination

Once early signs to look out for start appearing, you may need professional assistance from a New York bed bug exterminator. These are detrimental in helping you control primary detection. You cannot expect to get rid of these signs with normal household cleaners like most homeowners do today!

But early signs of bed bugs may become difficult to find. Keeping your belongings clean and tidy is one of the first steps toward extermination.

When bed bugs are attacking your home, it is time for a team effort. You need someone on the inside who knows what they are doing. They can help guide you through this difficult process with patience.