Early Bed Bug Detection – Why It’s Important

Worried that you might have bed bugs in the New York, New Jersey area? Early detection is critical!

In small numbers, bed bugs are very hard to detect. Its their small size and their ability to hide in inconspicuous areas that makes visual inspections ineffective. In many situations, there are simply not enough bed bugs present to find them with a visual inspection.

Normally, even a visual inspection from a professional exterminator fails because of various reasons. A canine has a very powerful scent capability. The canines scent is so powerful that its capable of discovering a bed bug infestation while its in its earliest stage.  Early detection of bed bugs is important because it will prevent the problem from going undetected and worsening.

Where Does The Canine Look For Evidence Of A Bed Bug Infestation?

Our canine and his handler will inspect your entire area. There are a few areas that are of particular concern: mattresses, bed headboards, bed frames, night stands and box springs are some of the target areas that should be inspected. There are many other locations in a home that bed bugs can takeover.  Some other areas that are of interest include under telephones, lamps and other appliances. A few areas that are considered bed bug hot spots are baseboards and carpet edges. Over 90 percent of all bed bug activity is normally found close to where homeowners sleep. In many cases, bed bugs will also infest areas that homeowners spend a lot of time such as recliners or other types of chairs.  Bed bugs have even been found hiding out inside of electrical outlets, and this is why a thorough inspection is so important. There is really no limit to where a bed bug can hide. These bugs are very small, fast and stealthy.

Sadly, many people attempt to handle their bed bug situation alone, and this is basically the worst course of action that is possible. In many situations, bed bugs can easily blend with their surroundings, and it takes special inspection methods to find them. By allowing an infestation to get worse, homeowners are putting themselves through much more agony than is necessary.

Accurate and early bed bug detection by a bed bug detection dog is the best way to reduce the pesticide use and treatment expenses.

Our services are specialized for each individual customer. With no vested interest in the outcome, we offer 100 percent independent K-9 bed bug inspections. In both residential dwellings and commercial buildings, detecting the presence of bed bugs and their eggs discreetly and accurately is what our service does best.

For customers who need help immediately, we offer emergency services. Our rates are unmatched by the competition.