Cryonite Freezing

Why and When We Recommend Treating with Cryonite?

No more crawling bugs in your home! This treatment can reduce the use of pesticides and ensure that you do not have late nights exterminating. It is safe for food products and will not harm anything near them. Neither will it spoil their taste when used around a kitchen area where cooking takes place. No one wants an unhappy family meal due to pesky insects ruining things.

Exterminators love Cryonite because it gets rid of all stages – from eggs right up through adults. Its freeze point means there are never any worries about leaving chemicals behind. This is compared to other treatments which can affect your health in the future.

Bed bugs are taking over the world. People see them in all 50 states including New York! These pesky little critters pose a challenge to eliminate and leave many extermination companies scratching their heads. But things may soon change with credits to cryonite freezing treatments. Pest Control Professionals offer bed bug detection and treatment services say they experience great success with it!

Process and Method

The effectiveness of cryonite must come in direct contact with the pests. You will need to take apart furniture and appliances or anything else that can hold bugs. Then, you mix cryonite with water at a 1:8 ratio. This means one cup of cryonite for eight cups of water. Spray the mixture into every nook and cranny possible.

This includes underneath drawers, behind cabinets, and even inside outlets. Finally, allow everything to dry before putting things back together. It is important not to leave any liquid cryonite behind.

What Cryonite Can Do

With Cryonite, you will not worry about harsh chemicals or vapors. There are also no smells from it. You can use it around food safely. Additionally, it only costs $24 per pound which means that one gallon of cryo-emulsion can last for several treatments.

All you need then is a good exterminator who knows how to use Cryonite. Then, you can kill all stages of bed bugs including adults, nymphs, and eggs. It is easy to bring pests under control soon after Cryonating them. Cryonite kills both on contact and through the freeze point process. Plus, you have a guarantee that cryo-emulsions are effective against bed bugs since they contain 100% Cryonite.

It is time to cryo-freeze those pesky bed bugs out of your life! This Cryonite treatment comes with a 100% guarantee that it works against bed bug infestations. Plus, it costs much less as compared to other chemicals and often eliminates the need for pesticides.

Wait only for a few days before you see results from Cryonite. The best part about these treatments is that you can do them by yourself or hire an exterminator to do it for you.

Advantages of Using Cryonite Freezing

Below are a few advantages of cryonite freezing for you to get rid of pests in your home and business:

No mess

One thing about Cryonite is that it does not create a mess. Instead, its dry ice transforms into a gas fast without becoming liquid. It also eliminates pests in the house with no harm to you or your family members who live there. Plus, we can use this treatment around food processing facilities. When we go to your house or business, everyone will show joy! They know their property will look clean again without having toxic chemicals like pesticides.

The product also leaves no residue so you do not have any toxic chemicals getting into wherever air flows throughout your house. This means one less step for families trying desperately not to let these unwanted creatures steal overconfidence about safety at home.


Cryonite only takes 20 minutes to kill pests on contact. It is also effective against bed bugs eggs and nymphs. Once you cryo-freeze them, the effects will last for weeks or even months. You do not have to worry about re-infestation since it eliminates all stages of these insects. They will disappear from your place!

One way in fighting the battle against pests, including bed bugs, is by using Cryonite. This freezing method was developed in Europe and it works with carbon dioxide spray. Application is through patented tools to freeze all those pesky critters on your mattress or box spring–including their eggs!

Can Eliminate Bed Bugs in Cracks and Gaps

It is difficult to find the right tools for cryo-emulsion, but you can find cryonite. Plus, it gets into all the cracks and gaps where bed bugs hide. Killing them inside of their hiding places so that there are no larvae or eggs left behind is easy!

Even if they have babies, cryonite does not let them hatch. There is control of the internal temperature at sub-freezing temperature. You just need an exterminator with cryo equipment to help you do this treatment. All you need to do is cryo-emulsify cryonite and carbon dioxide. Then, we can use cryo-equipment to dry the cryo-emulsion on the infested areas.

Why Choose Cryonite?

Cryonite is a non-toxic and eco-friendly cryogenic insecticide. It is also easy and fast treatment for killing bed bugs in your living areas. You will get rid of them quickly without causing any harm to the environment or your family members. It is safe since we do not use chemicals like pesticides.

What makes cryo-treatment unique is that it freezes all insects including their eggs. You do not have to worry about re-infestation. Feel free to rest in your house again once we finish treating. Check out our other bed bug treatment high steam treatment if you are considering it.