Bed Bug Dog Certification: Why Do Bed Bug Dogs Need to be Certified?

Bed Bug Dog Certification Why Do Bed Bug Dogs Need to be Certified

When you thought bed bugs were hard to find without a dog, imagine how hard it is to find bed bugs with an untrained sniffer. This is the problem that bed bug detection teams face when they are working with non-certified bed bug dogs.

Expect these animals to possess training in scent recognition. But they need guidance in what odor to look for and the proper way of alerting their handlers about it. Just like you, unpleasant situations can overwhelm dogs which will affect their health and happiness.

Admission requirements for dog handlers

The bed bug training should teach students about bed bugs and detection.

Requirements for bed bug dog certification:

– A United States or Canada resident

– Must complete an application form 

– At least 18 years of age

– Pass a background check which verifies there is no criminal history in either state or national records. This step shall include the submission of fingerprints, which the program will use to conduct a local and national criminal history check at the applicant’s expense. 

The cost of bed bug dog certification is not expensive as it currently stands at $99 per person until further notice. Pay the fee online before applying. Acceptable forms of payment are MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

Admission requirements for dogs

Requirements for bed bug dog certification:

– Canine must work near a handler throughout a search, which means it is not aggressive toward people or other dogs. The animal must also demonstrate that it can stay calm around strangers and new environments. Furthermore, the canine should not have previous training as a detector dog.

– Dogs must lack evidence of allergies against foods commonly found in their region. Skin irritations from insect bites are another reason for unsatisfactory performance. Handlers will need to keep their bed bug detectors free from such discomfort by treating the pests properly and giving them healthful nutrition.

What is a K9 bed bug Inspection?

Conduct a bed bug inspection with a detection dog in the same way as a traditional home inspection. 

Dog handlers must inspect every room, including bedding and soft furnishings. The canine should alert handlers to bed bugs and fecal stains hiding in alternative locations such as:

a) Boxsprings

b) Mattresses (including the seams and tufts)

c) Bedframes

d) Sofas or couches (including cushions and creases), headboards, bed skirts, dressers, wall hangings, pictures, posters, and switchplates

e) Closets (including clothes and soft materials like shoes and purses on the floor or shelves; garments hanging in the closets, bedding, and curtains with complete inspection)

f) Bookshelves

g) Carpets (including tufts and seams; handlers should also check beneath the bed frame)

Why Do Bed Bug Dogs Need to be Certified?

A bed bug detection dog will help eliminate risks to your family’s health.

The training can guarantee bed bug dogs’ ability to detect these bugs within the shortest time possible before they multiply and cause more harm. Also, handlers know how to act upon alerts from dogs properly to prevent infestation in all rooms of a home or business where to locate bed bugs.

Find an expert bed bug inspection team now with qualified dogs by completing a contact form. Connect with experts now.

Do your research about bed bug dogs for hire. No stranger wants bed bugs but it is even worse when you cannot find them or have a person incapable of removing them on your side.

Certification Means Results You Can Trust

The bed bug dog certification will provide you with dogs that are effective, reliable, and trustworthy. Companies that do not require bed bug dog certification might train their canines improperly or they neglect to train the animals at all.

Finding Bugs by Their Smell

It is best to seek bed bug treatment using dogs because these experts know how to detect bugs by smell only. They cannot see bed bugs like you, but they know where to find them based on odors emitted from their saliva and feces.

Dogs naturally possess an excellent sense of smell which makes them ideal for bed bug removal. You may observe that some pest control companies send more than one canine into a home or business to ensure accuracy in bed bug detection.

Bed Bug Dog Best Practices

Some bed bug dogs may have a high level of training while others need further education.

Employers should handle bed bug dogs with care to avoid traumatizing them. These canines must receive proper socialization and exposure to new things. They will respond positively during bed bug inspection sessions.

Regularly expose bed bug dogs to diverse locations where bed bugs might hide or live. Examples are in clothing, upholstery, bedding, carpets, and inside box springs or mattresses.

The canine should not display any fear or uneasiness when it detects the infestation. This behavior shows handlers that the animal is not ready for bed bug detection work yet. Dogs should also accustom themselves to various environments like homes and businesses.

What Does The Certification Process Involve?

The bed bug dog certification process aims at training dogs to sniff out these bugs within the shortest time. This practice also hones their skills in finding them even when they hide deep inside box springs, mattresses, or bed frames.

To pass certification tests, canines must find live bed bugs and viable eggs that hide inside a mattress or other places where the pests commonly reside. They should alert handlers of those found as well as those which might become present during bed bug inspections but not immediately visible such as bed bugs on walls.

These animals might show handlers by scratching surfaces like baseboards and tufts. It means that the insects remain close enough for inspection.

What to Look for When Choosing Your Bed Bug Dog

You need bed bug dogs to detect these bugs in your home or business for inspection. A bed bug inspection canine will provide you with excellent detection and removal in your home or business.

Put your trust in only those who pass all bed bug dog training requirements. They show skills that satisfy certain bed bug dog training standards. But these animals must also pass health screenings before the bed bug detection work commences.

No one wants bed bugs but they exist in many homes and businesses. These bugs infest rooms so it is best to treat them as soon as possible using dogs embedded with special training skills to inspect locations where you cannot see where they hide.